Wrapped Up: "Foxtrot"


Simon Jefferis, Natty Reeves & Abhi The Nomad "Foxtrot"

First up in our end of year wrap up is "Foxtrot" from Simon Jefferis, Natty Reeves & Abhi The Nomad.

Back in May, Abhi was scheduled to do a headline show in London with SJ & Natty, which ended up being cancelled due to VISA issues.

Whilst sat in London feeling shit and wanting to give the fans something back, SJ & Natty started to make a beat. In a few hours the beat was made, sent to Abhi and within the blink of an eye Abhi wrote some menancing lyrics and dropped them on the beat. "Foxtrot" was born.

The track is a little bit 1990s, a little bit 1920s. The setting is a dark, intimate jazz club, but a rapper is commanding the stage. This may seem like an unlikely combination, yet it yields a slick, polished track that’s easy on the ears.

Peep it here.