Namuuna 'Tickets'


Namuuna’s 'Tickets' makes a decisive, yet intimate landing...

In 'Tickets', Namuuna showcases her bread-and-butter in creating songs: layering
her sultry, smoky vocals over a laid-back beat, creating a distinctly intimate vibe. She creates the types of songs that transport you to a balcony in Paris, drinking coffee on an
early Sunday morning, as is the case with “One More Night” and “One Way”.

“Past Moments” is a departure from what Namuuna knows and does so well – but that isn’t to say she doesn’t execute different brilliantly. She shows her versatility in this track, departing from her sweet crooning and moving toward a more confrontational standpoint. “Past Moments” shines through its grittier origins to create a bright track on this EP.

In “Timeless Love”, a modern-day lullaby, Namuuna paints languid yet honeyed scenes
through lines like “counting stars and dreams while we slowly write our names into the
sky”. Her voice will transport the listener to a nostalgic place filled with twinkling stars
with ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

Namuuna’s debut EP emotes a subdued, cool vibe, sure to please any crowd. Whether
you’re searching for easy listening or a transcendental experience, look no further than Namuuna’s 'Tickets'.