Simon Jefferis - "Foxtrot"


Simon Jefferis teams up with Abhi the Nomad and Natty Reeves for a jazzy, throwback track

The track is a little bit 1990s, a little bit 1920s. The setting is a dark, intimate jazz club, but a rapper is commanding the stage. This may seem like an unlikely combination, yet it yields a slick, polished track that’s easy on the ears.

Abhi the Nomad opens the song with a smooth and snappy flow, while Natty Reeves continues to ride the wave in the chorus and on the guitar. Simon Jefferis caps off the track by finding a way to create complementary beats that seamlessly combine the variety of influences. All three artists bring their respective personal flairs to the table in Foxtrot, providing good vibe listening to all.

Amy Huie