Harrison Sands "Green" ft Local Foster


Harrison Sands and Local Foster deal with the green-eyed monster that is jealousy in “Green”

If jealousy really were a green-eyed monster, it would still probably be a cool individual you’d want to hang out with. In “Green”, Harrison Sands creates a sultry track with a dark ambience, truly conveying the anguish of jealousy. There’s a little bit of shame and despair as well as the genuine inquiry that becomes so central to the song: “Why get so jealous?" He teams up with Local Foster, who counters Sands’ emotion with his more confrontational flow, especially when laid over the chill mood music in the background. The juxtaposition between the two is attention-grabbing.

Harrison Sands and Local Foster create a humbling track as they delve deeper into the feeling of jealousy. They not only convey the emotion of jealousy well but also the associated feelings, amounting to a song that is almost like overhearing a private conversation of one’s innermost thoughts. In its essence, “Green” is an introspective song, exploring one’s own emotions even if they are irrational and baseless. Sands and Local Foster are able to capture jealousy and the web of associated emotions brilliantly.