Abhi The Nomad - "Somebody to Love"

Abhi the Nomad delivers a breakup song without the anticipated acidity.

One can assume that crooning about a breakup is neither easy nor pleasant, yet in “Somebody to Love” Abhi the Nomad seems to do both effortlessly, without the bitterness and angst of a typical breakup song. In fact, the song is less about a breakup and more about falling into the doldrums of everyday life. He begins the song, “Another day, another damn dollar, another coupon in the mailbox” and in the chorus expands on this sentiment: “Don’t need no money or no time, I need something that will get you out my eyes”. He attributes the fixation on his loss to the restlessness that comes with getting stuck in a monotonous, routine life. 

Abhi is no one trick pony either. He shows versatility in this track, as it was entirely written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the Nomad himself. It’s clear he had a vision in mind from the start of the creation process. The downcast lyrics mesh unexpectedly well with the cheery music, and his ability to execute this feat stems from his total involvement with the track from start to finish.