Simon Jefferis "Amsterdam in the Spring"

Simon Jefferis delivers his catchy, jazzy hip-hop joint "Amsterdam in the Spring"

Simon Jefferis' debut single “Amsterdam in the Spring” features the sounds and smells of Amsterdam in this catchy, hip-hop-jazz joint. Taken from his upcoming EP 'SJ's Pockets', this is the first official release from Simon - a Brixton based multi-instrumentalist and producer, with a whole lot more on the horizon.

Harrison Sands "Green" ft Local Foster

Harrison Sands and Local Foster deal with the green-eyed monster that is jealousy in “Green”


If jealousy really were a green-eyed monster, it would still probably be a cool individual you’d want to hang out with. In “Green”, Harrison Sands creates a sultry track with a dark ambience, truly conveying the anguish of jealousy. There’s a little bit of shame and despair as well as the genuine inquiry that becomes so central to the song: “Why get so jealous?" He teams up with Local Foster, who counters Sands’ emotion with his more confrontational flow, especially when laid over the chill mood music in the background. The juxtaposition between the two is attention-grabbing.

Harrison Sands and Local Foster create a humbling track as they delve deeper into the feeling of jealousy. They not only convey the emotion of jealousy well but also the associated feelings, amounting to a song that is almost like overhearing a private conversation of one’s innermost thoughts. In its essence, “Green” is an introspective song, exploring one’s own emotions even if they are irrational and baseless. Sands and Local Foster are able to capture jealousy and the web of associated emotions brilliantly.

Simon Jefferis - "Foxtrot"

Simon Jefferis teams up with Abhi the Nomad and Natty Reeves for a jazzy, throwback track

The track is a little bit 1990s, a little bit 1920s. The setting is a dark, intimate jazz club, but a rapper is commanding the stage. This may seem like an unlikely combination, yet it yields a slick, polished track that’s easy on the ears.

Abhi the Nomad opens the song with a smooth and snappy flow, while Natty Reeves continues to ride the wave in the chorus and on the guitar. Simon Jefferis caps off the track by finding a way to create complementary beats that seamlessly combine the variety of influences. All three artists bring their respective personal flairs to the table in Foxtrot, providing good vibe listening to all.

Abhi The Nomad - "Somebody to Love"

Abhi the Nomad delivers a breakup song without the anticipated acidity.

One can assume that crooning about a breakup is neither easy nor pleasant, yet in “Somebody to Love” Abhi the Nomad seems to do both effortlessly, without the bitterness and angst of a typical breakup song. In fact, the song is less about a breakup and more about falling into the doldrums of everyday life. He begins the song, “Another day, another damn dollar, another coupon in the mailbox” and in the chorus expands on this sentiment: “Don’t need no money or no time, I need something that will get you out my eyes”. He attributes the fixation on his loss to the restlessness that comes with getting stuck in a monotonous, routine life. 

Abhi is no one trick pony either. He shows versatility in this track, as it was entirely written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the Nomad himself. It’s clear he had a vision in mind from the start of the creation process. The downcast lyrics mesh unexpectedly well with the cheery music, and his ability to execute this feat stems from his total involvement with the track from start to finish.

Natty Reeves, 'Donuts for Dinner'

This one's for Dilla.

Fresh off the back of his hit single "Paris", Natty Reeves has returned with an ode to the great J Dilla.

It's no secret at all that Dilla has a huge influence on Natty's music, and Natty demonstrates that again with this milky track in honour of the legendary producer.

Check the preview out below and take a listen on your preferred music platform here.

Simon Jefferis & Natty Reeves "Brixton Strut"

Simon Jefferis and Natty Reeves have come together to collaborate for the first time on the smooth joint, "Brixton Strut". The duo has put together a video showing the process of the track and the spaces it was created in. SJ comes in with the drums, bass and percussion, whilst Natty lays down some smooth grooves on the guitar. 

Following the release of the track to SoundCloud, it is now available on all major music platforms. Check below for the video and take a listen on your preferred music platform here.

Bhonstro - 'Batches'

On his DeepMatter debut, Vegas-based Bhonstro showcases his jazzy, electronic, boom-bap style on his album 'Batches'.

'Batches' is the first official release from Bhonstro as a DeepMatter artist and see's the beatsmith revert back to his old rap days on “Insomnia” and team up with Vann for the milky track "Future In You". 

'Batches' is now available on all platforms.