Enter the cosmic universe of the Astro Travellers...

Casually doing my ritual of listening to Soul Has No Tempo’s monthly radio show, which is always filled with potent sounds that keep me going throughout the day, the September 11th edition brought me something that i’ve been waiting on, for some time now.

All behold, the almighty, Astro Travellers.

Hailing out of Brisbane, Australia, the future soul, hip-hop act the Astro Travellers are a breath of fresh air, collectively creating some of the finest sounds i’ve heard in a minute. As soon as I heard their track “This Is Real” I was just drawn to them, their sound, the feel good vibe they're releasing, the whole universe they're building.

The band is made up of 7 members, who between them combine to create a euphoric groove, with limitless delivery over each track, that kind of cosmic sound that leaves your head bobbin’ for the next 12 hours. 

At the back end of 2014, Astro Travellers independently dropped their debut single on 7” wax, followed by their debut EP in July, “Seven Metaphorsm” via Green Chimney Records. As time goes on, I hope to hear more and more material come out of the Travellers camp, but until then I will enjoy, and share what the Brisbane natives have blessed us with so far.

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