Woon for a winters evening...

As days draw back and nights start getting longer, certain playlists, artists and records make their way into my rotation. For the past few years, since Jamie Woon’s debut 'Mirrorwriting,' I have jumped on anything he has put out. Particularly Bank’s 'London' EP, in which he co- produced one of my favourite night-time tunes "This is what it feels like."  So when I caught wind of the drop of his sophomore album 'Making Time,' I was thrilled and looked forward to the release.

After the first listen I thought this is far from the post-dub step sounds of Mirrorwriting, the second track made me groove along in my headphones, by the third I really was enjoying every song. Lead single, "Sharpness" gives us that Jamie Woon vibe, that sharp, punchy and groove laden beat, intertwined with soft vocals. "Movement" and "Lament" hit us with relaxing icy cold melody. The warmth of "Little Wonder" is refreshingly light and perfect when you’re winding down. Equally the whole record is a sound complement for long dissertation writing sessions. When listening to the flow of this album I get hints of Maxwell's Urban Hang Suit, mixed with minimalist soul and folk. But the absence of expected dance laden tracks is refreshing.

There is a slow-burning element to this record, but once you break past it and delve deeper, you appreciate the time put into Making Time. Jamie Woon is one of those artists that have the caliber to take creativity into their own hands. And no matter how long it takes till his third, I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.