Peep Phony Ppl rolling through Brooklyn on their bikes in "Why iii Love The Moon" visuals...

Brooklyn-based crew Phony Ppl have been producing some of the freshest sounds throughout the past year, blending multiple genres into their ever-growing collecitive of attractive soundscapes. Their album 'Yesterday's Tomorrow,' released early this year, was a sign of big things to come, with amazing sounds to follow from the group and they have now delivered some top visuals to their appetising single "Why iii Love The Moon."

The visuals see Phony Ppl cruising through Brooklyn on their bikes, and one unicycle, as the track plays on in the background, ending with everyone jamming out to the sounds and abstract projections.

We've been waiting on some visuals for "Why iii Love The Moon" for a minute now and glad to say the wait was worth. Sit back, relax, press play below and enjoy the visuals, and feel good vibes of Phony Ppl.

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