Written by Rob Hearn

Joey Bada$$ brings the life back to Norwich...

With Joey Bada$$ experiencing a meteoric recent rise to fame, founding his hip-hop collective Pro Era and already on a world tour within 3 years of releasing his debut mixtape ‘1999’ there is nothing that can stop his non-stop energy and rich lyricism. With his first studio album out at the start of this year (B4.DA.$$), the time was right for world domination with his, rightfully called, World Domination tour.

With only 5 UK dates, it was a surprise to see him come to Norwich, but the turn out showed that he, as well as his collective, already have a dedicated following. The whole night was none stop movement from Paper Trail$ to a brand new track as his finished, the crowd loved every beat and lyric that was thrown their way.

The atmosphere of the event was meticulously planned with the audience being the final piece of the puzzle, a lot of thought had been put into the lighting arrangement that resulted in Joey constantly being bathed in red or green light on his figure, with contrasting light all around him. This gave a huge level of added impact to his set as he violently moved around the stage, commanding those watching to follow him. It truly showed a man who is at the top of his game with plenty more to achieve, unmatched energy and a real hunger to entertain and spread his message to all those that are willing to listen. 

This night did host a moment I will not ever forget, as mid-way through his set, Joey made us raise our hands and be silent for a minute in vigil of the recent tragic events of Paris. It is awe-inspiring watching a packed out venue go completely silent for a cause such as that, seeing the determination and solidarity on everyone’s faces as they gazed up at Joey, who had his head raised high, proud of everyone who had come to see him and who would share this moment as we push forwards into a new future.

Overall, the night was one that could never be forgotten, the lights came on to everyone grinning wildly – sad that it was over, but happy that they had been there to witness live music at its absolute finest.