Healy drops his incredible debut project 'A Galaxy With Skin'...

After an extremely impressive debut year, DeepMatter rapper-singer-songwriter Healy has released his debut project ‘A Galaxy With Skin.’ The EP features previously released singles “LFTM” feat Felly and “$150 / roll widdit” and described by Healy as “this is the story of a boy who gained everything that didn’t matter and lost everything that did."

Healy possesses a unique soundscape with a sincere amount of impact on execution, something that shows throughout the whole EP. ‘A Galaxy With Skin’ is shaping up to be a massive debut project from the Memphis-based artist and is the beginning to very big things for Healy.

Listen to previously released singles “Montana” and “Life Like” over on soundcloud and take your first of many listens to 'A Galaxy With Skin' below.

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