Abhi The Nomad "Piece of Cake"

Indie hip-hop artist Abhi The Nomad hits us with a brand new single titled "Piece of Cake", and without a doubt, the sweetness prevails. Don't let the soft intro fool you - once the drums kick in, we're smacked in the face with an infectious groove, as Nomad belts "Look what we have here / Brownie done did it / Murdered the contest / While Nobody listened". Well now, people are listening. "Cake" speaks on the true hardship and effort behind an artist's craft. It swings with a jazzy, soul-infused rhythm, accompanied by an assortment of lush pianos and smooth horns. Backed by vocalists Harrison Sands and Shota on the second verse, the tune oozes with style and old school swagger.

Hit play below and check the visuals to "Piece of Cake".

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