Abhi The Nomad "Piece of Cake"

Indie hip-hop artist Abhi The Nomad hits us with a brand new single titled "Piece of Cake", and without a doubt, the sweetness prevails. Don't let the soft intro fool you - once the drums kick in, we're smacked in the face with an infectious groove, as Nomad belts "Look what we have here / Brownie done did it / Murdered the contest / While Nobody listened". Well now, people are listening. "Cake" speaks on the true hardship and effort behind an artist's craft. It swings with a jazzy, soul-infused rhythm, accompanied by an assortment of lush pianos and smooth horns. Backed by vocalists Harrison Sands and Shota on the second verse, the tune oozes with style and old school swagger.

Hit play below and check the visuals to "Piece of Cake".

Abhi The Nomad "Roaches" #FREESTYLEFRIDAY

Abhi The Nomad drops his third instalment of #FREESTYLEFRIDAY with "Roaches"

Showing no signs of slowing down, Abhi The Nomad keeps the fire lit with his latest #FREESTYLEFRIDAY release "Roaches." The visuals follow previous #FREESTYLEFRIDAY drops "Mowgli" & "Special Forces"

Check out Abhi's latest cut below!


Peep Phony Ppl rolling through Brooklyn on their bikes in "Why iii Love The Moon" visuals...

Brooklyn-based crew Phony Ppl have been producing some of the freshest sounds throughout the past year, blending multiple genres into their ever-growing collecitive of attractive soundscapes. Their album 'Yesterday's Tomorrow,' released early this year, was a sign of big things to come, with amazing sounds to follow from the group and they have now delivered some top visuals to their appetising single "Why iii Love The Moon."

The visuals see Phony Ppl cruising through Brooklyn on their bikes, and one unicycle, as the track plays on in the background, ending with everyone jamming out to the sounds and abstract projections.

We've been waiting on some visuals for "Why iii Love The Moon" for a minute now and glad to say the wait was worth. Sit back, relax, press play below and enjoy the visuals, and feel good vibes of Phony Ppl.


Watch the visuals to "Calcutta" from Abhi The Nomad feat Foster...

Back in September, the super-multitalented Abhi The Nomad dropped his self-produced project 'Where Are My Friends?'which was filled with a wide variety of sounds and styles throughout, one of which was the Foster featured track "Calcutta." 

Today Abhi delivers some visuals to the track, which shows The Nomad all alone in a California forest, until cutting to Foster mid-track, who drops his free-flowing verse, before switching back to Abhi and his fun melody. Abhi reworks the track towards the end, switching up the beat and laying down some distorted sounds that once again showcase his abilities within producing. 

Watch the video to "Calcutta" below and be sure to grab a copy of Abhi's impressive EP 'Where Are My Friends?' now!


Healy drops his incredible debut project 'A Galaxy With Skin'...

After an extremely impressive debut year, DeepMatter rapper-singer-songwriter Healy has released his debut project ‘A Galaxy With Skin.’ The EP features previously released singles “LFTM” feat Felly and “$150 / roll widdit” and described by Healy as “this is the story of a boy who gained everything that didn’t matter and lost everything that did."

Healy possesses a unique soundscape with a sincere amount of impact on execution, something that shows throughout the whole EP. ‘A Galaxy With Skin’ is shaping up to be a massive debut project from the Memphis-based artist and is the beginning to very big things for Healy.

Listen to previously released singles “Montana” and “Life Like” over on soundcloud and take your first of many listens to 'A Galaxy With Skin' below.


Aso gives Mushi an insight to what it's like to be young and making beats at home...

Mellow Orange producer and DeepMatter affiliate, Aso, has been making beats for a while now, and with so much soul surrounding his music, Mushi met up with him to take a look into the life of the young beat-maker. Aso talks about his daily routine and influences throughout his life, and it'll come to no surprise that he caught an early influence from jazz legends like Bill Evans and Chet Baker. Watch the video below for a exclusive insight into Aso's life...


Watch Tom Misch w/ Carmody, Loyle Carner & Jordan Rakei on mahogany...

Mahogany Sessions have done it again. 

This time the acoustic driven force has brought in beatsmith Tom Misch, to play some tracks from his 'Beat Tape 2,' alongside friends Carmody, Loyle Carner and Aussie native, Jordan Rakei. If you're like us and can't get enough of all 4 of these extremely talented artists, you're in for a treat. Enjoy!

Need I remind you, 'Beat Tape 2' is out everywhere now!


December brings us the eleventh instalment of 'The Sound Of' series here at DeepMatter. This month has already delivered us a wide variety of new sounds from around the World, with new sounds from Sam Gouthro, Healy and Wallace being among the mix. Press play below and discover some new and flavourful sounds from this month, with The Sound of December at DeepMatter.


Red Pill links with Blu & Oddisee for the flavourful joint "Fly On A Window"...

Today is turning into some sort of Blu-filled music day, this time round it's on Red Pills Oddisee-produced gem "Fly On A Window." The cut comes off of Red Pill's 'Day Drunk EP,' which itself is a dope and smartly put together project, worth spending a few quid on. Listen to "Fly On A Window" below and cop the EP here.


Johaz delivers the smooth flowing joint "Anything" from the upcoming 'Volition' tape... 

Cali native Johaz (of Dav Savage), today returns with his brand new solo cut, "Anything," which see's the rapper collab with Blu, G Rocka, Sene and Theory Hazit, along with Mr. Brady on the production. "Anything" serves as the first single from Johaz's upcoming 'Volition' mixtape, which will be released via Exile's Dirty Science label, the track is a smooth joint with an effortless flow throughout, and features an ever-impressive verse from Blu.


Written by Rob Hearn

Joey Bada$$ brings the life back to Norwich...

With Joey Bada$$ experiencing a meteoric recent rise to fame, founding his hip-hop collective Pro Era and already on a world tour within 3 years of releasing his debut mixtape ‘1999’ there is nothing that can stop his non-stop energy and rich lyricism. With his first studio album out at the start of this year (B4.DA.$$), the time was right for world domination with his, rightfully called, World Domination tour.

With only 5 UK dates, it was a surprise to see him come to Norwich, but the turn out showed that he, as well as his collective, already have a dedicated following. The whole night was none stop movement from Paper Trail$ to a brand new track as his finished, the crowd loved every beat and lyric that was thrown their way.

The atmosphere of the event was meticulously planned with the audience being the final piece of the puzzle, a lot of thought had been put into the lighting arrangement that resulted in Joey constantly being bathed in red or green light on his figure, with contrasting light all around him. This gave a huge level of added impact to his set as he violently moved around the stage, commanding those watching to follow him. It truly showed a man who is at the top of his game with plenty more to achieve, unmatched energy and a real hunger to entertain and spread his message to all those that are willing to listen. 

This night did host a moment I will not ever forget, as mid-way through his set, Joey made us raise our hands and be silent for a minute in vigil of the recent tragic events of Paris. It is awe-inspiring watching a packed out venue go completely silent for a cause such as that, seeing the determination and solidarity on everyone’s faces as they gazed up at Joey, who had his head raised high, proud of everyone who had come to see him and who would share this moment as we push forwards into a new future.

Overall, the night was one that could never be forgotten, the lights came on to everyone grinning wildly – sad that it was over, but happy that they had been there to witness live music at its absolute finest.


Listen to the appetising debut project from Eryn Allen Kane...

Chicago songstress, Eryn Allen Kane, is someone we've had our eyes and ears firmly laid on in recent times. After collaborating with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment on 'Surf' and most recently having her single "Piano Song" featured on the Being Mary Jane soundtrack, the Chi-town native has arrived with her debut solo project 'AVIARY - Act 1.' A 4 track EP that features three previously released tracks, along with new track, "Bass Song," and serves as an appetiser for the full length expected to land in the new year. Eryn delivers her strong vocals throughout the EP and draws from her jazz influences as she goes alone with no guest features, as she delivers a solid cut. Listen to the fizzing singer-songwriter in all her glory below and check her heartfelt words on what the EP means to her.



Hotline Bling + Anthony Hamilton? Go on then...

Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones, dropped an impromptu rendition of Drake's "Hotline Bling," recreating the track into a cappella gospel version, providing joy, harmony and a ray of light. 


Whilst searching around Soundcloud, as I do daily, looking for unique and exciting sounds and artists to keep myself indulged throughout the day, I often come across an artist that catches my full attention instantly, and instantaneously makes me want to hear more. This happened again today, in the form of St. Louis native, NY based singer, Courtnie.

The remarkable singer-songwriter released her first single "Nebula" just last week, a sultry and self expressive cut, which will play as the lead single for her upcoming EP 'Nebula.' Yesterday Courtnie returned with a powerful new track, "You So," the second single off the upcoming EP, which features a more upbeat rhythm, with some perfectly equipped drums and chords in the background, paving the way for some soothing vocals from the Harlem based artist.

With only two tracks on soundcloud, the satisfying singer certainly keeps you wanting more and with her debut EP on the way, we'll be getting just that, hopefully in no time. Listen below and nourish yourself with some new vibrations from Courtnie.


Asher Roth returns with Hash Wednesday and the silky new cut "That's All Mine" ft Jesse Boykins III...

Returning with his series, Hash Wednesdays, Asher Roth is back with a silky new cut entitled, "That's All Mine." Linking up with singer Jesse Boykins III, who lays down a smooth hook on the track. Hash Wednesday has been described by Asher as "an outlet for music and video that may or may not resurface as a finished product but gives plenty of insight." Listen below as Asher flows effortlessly on his latest peaceful joint. 


Listen to J. Cole's anniversary remix of ATCQ's iconic "Can I Kick It?"...

With the 25th anniversary re-release of A Tribe Called Quest's legendary debut album 'People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm' just around the corner, J. Cole's official remix of the iconic track "Can I Kick It?" has arrived. Following recently released remix's from Pharrell and Cee Lo Green, Cole's remix will be the final bonus track we'll get to hear before the entire LP drops.

The re-release will feature remastering work from Bob Power, making it to be possibly the freshest sounding ATCQ album you could hope to own. You can pre-order the LP on wax here or cop the digital release over on iTunes.

Listen to J. Cole's sonic cut of "Can I Kick It?" below.


Listen to Anderson .Paak's new funk-filled delight "Am I Wrong" ft Q...

Anderson .Paak is on fire right now, with all this new material surfacing it can only be suggested that a full-length is on it's way. Only 48 hours after releasing his two-part, 9th Wonder-produced track "The Season/Carry Me," Paak, is back with another funk filled delight to tickle your toes. 

This time round Anderson .Paak brings in TDE's ScHoolboy Q to feature on the joint, in a manner that you wouldn't necessarily expect from the rapper, but it flows in full effect and increases the likability surrounding this pulsing track. Paak's creative juices are evidently in full flow right now, and this popping cut is perfect evidence of just that.

Listen to "Am I Wrong" below.


Enter the cosmic universe of the Astro Travellers...

Casually doing my ritual of listening to Soul Has No Tempo’s monthly radio show, which is always filled with potent sounds that keep me going throughout the day, the September 11th edition brought me something that i’ve been waiting on, for some time now.

All behold, the almighty, Astro Travellers.

Hailing out of Brisbane, Australia, the future soul, hip-hop act the Astro Travellers are a breath of fresh air, collectively creating some of the finest sounds i’ve heard in a minute. As soon as I heard their track “This Is Real” I was just drawn to them, their sound, the feel good vibe they're releasing, the whole universe they're building.

The band is made up of 7 members, who between them combine to create a euphoric groove, with limitless delivery over each track, that kind of cosmic sound that leaves your head bobbin’ for the next 12 hours. 

At the back end of 2014, Astro Travellers independently dropped their debut single on 7” wax, followed by their debut EP in July, “Seven Metaphorsm” via Green Chimney Records. As time goes on, I hope to hear more and more material come out of the Travellers camp, but until then I will enjoy, and share what the Brisbane natives have blessed us with so far.


Woon for a winters evening...

As days draw back and nights start getting longer, certain playlists, artists and records make their way into my rotation. For the past few years, since Jamie Woon’s debut 'Mirrorwriting,' I have jumped on anything he has put out. Particularly Bank’s 'London' EP, in which he co- produced one of my favourite night-time tunes "This is what it feels like."  So when I caught wind of the drop of his sophomore album 'Making Time,' I was thrilled and looked forward to the release.

After the first listen I thought this is far from the post-dub step sounds of Mirrorwriting, the second track made me groove along in my headphones, by the third I really was enjoying every song. Lead single, "Sharpness" gives us that Jamie Woon vibe, that sharp, punchy and groove laden beat, intertwined with soft vocals. "Movement" and "Lament" hit us with relaxing icy cold melody. The warmth of "Little Wonder" is refreshingly light and perfect when you’re winding down. Equally the whole record is a sound complement for long dissertation writing sessions. When listening to the flow of this album I get hints of Maxwell's Urban Hang Suit, mixed with minimalist soul and folk. But the absence of expected dance laden tracks is refreshing.

There is a slow-burning element to this record, but once you break past it and delve deeper, you appreciate the time put into Making Time. Jamie Woon is one of those artists that have the caliber to take creativity into their own hands. And no matter how long it takes till his third, I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.